Your First Visit

What should you expect?

At Playfair, it is our goal that your first dental be a pleasant and efficient experience. As a new patient, at your first visit with us you will receive a thorough examination, consisting of the following:

  • Thorough medical and dental history evaluation
  • Necessary x-rays
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Complete oral examination, including soft tissue, hard tissue, bite, aesthetics
  • Periodontal probing (indicates presence of any gum disease)

In order to help us work together to make the best decisions about your dental care and oral health, we recommend that you do the following before your first visit:

  • Make a list of questions to ask us, so you don’t forget anything on the day of your appointment. This may include dental or mouth problems you have been experiencing, or any concerns you have about your dental health
  • Let us know about any special requests or preferences you have with regard to treatment style
  • Bring a list of any medications you are currently taking
  • If you have dental insurance, remember to bring your insurance card with you. We are happy to assist you in sending in your claim electronically